The wedding photography for me has the goal to capture and freeze all the details and emotions of the most important day
without interfering in any way with the flowing of it.
My style is as natural as the final images you see on the album, little retouching and targeted exclusively to naturally enhance photos.
Take your time to look through some of the images and wedding stories that I have told and I would love to hear from you about your wedding plans and how we can work together to capture your story.

My wedding packages:

Traditional photo albums: 1 album traditional standard 35x35cm with imitation leather cover, with 100 prints various formats chosen by the couple
2 mini album for families with a selection of 40 photos format 13x18cm + 1 poster 50x70cm
Digital Photo book: 1 digital photo book, with cover 30x40cm canvas personalized, 20 pages with photos 60/70 mixed digitally
2 mini photo book with a selection of photos 25/30 + 1 poster 50x70cm



"My mission is to stir emotions. I conceive your wedding day as if it were a blank canvas on which to paint. I will capture every detail and shade in order to convey the feelings of those unrepeatable moments. My aim is to transform the most important day of your life into your favourite movie!".

I am specialize in creating cinematographic and reportage-style wedding videos. We are based in Tivoli (Rome, Italy).

Me and my team of professionals are specialized in making wedding videos in cinematic style reportage. The video of your big day will make you relive the most exciting time of your life as well as you will have experienced the first time, preserving the dynamism and carefree. In essence, I film the day from a guestís perspective. Itís your wedding day, not a Hollywood production, so I actively make sure that throughout the day iíll blend with the guests, with camera gear which is no bigger than that of a photographer. I am a true artist and will amaze you with my talent.

My wedding pack will include:

you're going to receive 2 films Ė The Full edit, which is your ceremony and full speeches interspersed with beautiful montages to music that tell the story of the rest of the day, like when you were getting ready, or the evening party. The full film is usually between 15 and 20 minutes in length. The support will be 1 Blu-ray Disc and 3 DVD all printed and custom covers. As well as this you'll also receive a short and snappy 5 minute online highlights montage Ė just like the ones you've seen on my website!


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